Monday, February 23, 2015

Potty-Training...for the LAST time!

This is really happening at our house! I wasn't even ready to start with potty-training yet, but this little guy has been telling me every so often for the last week that he needed to go! So last Friday we went and got him some undies and we decided to go for it. The first day he only had 2 accidents, and he woke up dry from his nap. Then he was sick on Saturday and Sunday and I didn't want to push it, so we started again today. He has had 2 accidents so far. We'll see how the rest of it goes. Heaven help me! I HATE potty-training!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Cops!

Anyone that really KNOWS my daughter, knows she can be SUPER sweet, but they also know that she can be a REAL stinker sometimes. SO today she asked for a drink. She wanted a drink in a sippy cup, well she had just gotten a drink from another cup that was sitting on the counter. I told her that she didn't need another cup and to use the one she had. Well THAT was not what she wanted, so she proceeded to have a complete and utter meltdown. I told her I didn't want to hear her screaming so she needed to go to her room until she could control herself. Well she proceeded to scream for about 20 min. She finally calmed down and she came out of her room. About a half an hour later I get a knock at my door and there are 2 police officers asking to come in. They told me that someone had been walking down the street and heard a child screaming coming from the house and called the police to check it out.
I am COMPLETELY embarrassed and a little bit angry! I'm glad that someone cared enough to have the police check it out, but I'm hurt that it might be because someone might think I hurt my child. Sometimes I get so frustrated now days because you cant do ANYTHING to discipline your children! I sent her to her room to calm down and I get the police called.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Kelsie has had strep throat the past week. Today I went to give her, her meds and she told me she doesn't need them and that she's not sick anymore. I asked her how she knew that and she said "when I swallow my guts it doesn't hurt anymore."

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It Goes To Fast!

Today I rocked my "baby", (who's not so much a baby anymore but rather 2 years old) as I do every day to put him down for a nap. As he fell asleep I rocked him just a little bit longer. I held him as he steadily breathed in and out. So peaceful. My eyes welled up with tears as I remembered not long ago wondering if it would ever end. The sleepless nights, the crying babies, the endlessness of needing me for everything. I realized then that it is almost over. My kids are growing up before my very eyes. All to quickly. It won't be much longer before I won't have a baby to rock to sleep anymore. I won't be the person that can solve anything and everything by just a cuddle and a rock in my lap. There is a time and a season for everything in life and all to quickly this season is coming to a close. Just as quickly as I used to ask "when this will ever end" I now wonder if I can go back? I look at the baby pictures and even though days were long and hard they were filled with everything I dreamed about being a mother. I have been blessed to richly with these children I call mine. This year will be then beginning of the end. I'll take the crib's been up for nearly 8 years...potty train for the last time, and then the baby stage will be over. My heart aches a little bit that that season of life is almost over. There is something special about having a baby in the house. Sure I can always have another baby, but there will always have to be an end. I pray that the Lord will help me during this change the season of my life and that the next season will be just as fulfilling.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

To start off Christmas Eve we went to the Larsen Family. We at yummy pizza and then had a little program. Each family did something. The boys played their recital pieces on the piano, Kelsie sang a song and I played a piece on the piano. Then we exchanged all the gifts. It was a fun night. Although we were missing Melissa and Cameron and their family, and Deborah and Jordan and their family.
After the Larsen Family, we went home and started our traditions. We watched a bible video movie and talked about the true meaning of Christmas with the kids. Then they opened their Pajamas, got the milk and cookies for Santa and got the kids to bed. Then Ben and I watched a Christmas movie and went to bed ourselves.

Christmas morning came and the kids were up by 6:00. They all went in one by one to see what Santa had left them. Both the boys got games for the WiiU, Kelsie got a doll and horse, and Taysom got a treehouse plaything. My parents came  to visit and that was nice, then we went to a movie as a family and headed off to the Steven's family party. We had yummy food and fun conversation there. One of the BEST things about the day was that we haven't gotten ANY snow this year, but when we woke up Christmas morning it had snowed! It was wonderful! Another successful Christmas!

December Download

We started out the month with Kelsie's Christmas dance recital. They only have one every 3 years or so, and this year was the year. Kelsie did a great job! They were dressed as elves and danced to "Need a Little Christmas." Kelsie really does a great job and LOVES to dance. We also lucked out and got one of the BEST teachers there...Miss Sara. Kelsie had her last year and it's really unusual to get the same teacher 2 years in a row, but somehow we lucked out! Piper and Savannah dance at the same studio and Piper is even in Kelsie's class this year.
The next thing on our Christmas list was seeing Santa. We got to do that at the ward party. Santa was a really fun guy! He was dancing and singing with the kids. As I got looking at him more I realized that he looked very familiar to me. Then I realized that he was my bishop when I was younger and my dad served in the  bishopric with him. He and his wife even came to our home as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause on Sunday night when I was a little girl.
The last week of school was full of fun for the kids. They had a school-wide movie, made gingerbread houses, had parties and they had a sing-a-long for the parents. This is one of my favorite things to go listen to the kids sing. Isaac even got to learn the sign language for Silent Night for one of his songs.

Then the boys had their Christmas Piano recital. This was Kayleb's first one. They both practiced really hard to learn their songs and did really well at the recital.
The next thing we got to celebrate was Taysom's 2nd birthday! I can't believe he is 2! Where does the time go? He was spoiled this year and got a new truck set and tools from Mom & Dad and new pants and shoes from Grandma and Grandpa Larsen. We also decide to do cupcakes this year for birthdays because the kids eat them better than an actual cake.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Prayers ARE answered!

This morning as we were getting ready for school and for the days activites, Taysom went into the bathroom and opened the drawer under the sink....making it so that we could NOT open the door. He also climbed up on the sink to where he couldn't get down. We could NOT open the door, nor could we take the door off because the hinges are on the inside. Taysom started to get really scared and was crying HARD. We tried everything to get the drawer shut.....a wire hanger, knife, a ruler....nothing was making it budge. We then tried to get Taysom to close the drawer. Now he is just 2 and doesn't understand everything we are telling him. He wouldn't get off the counter because he couldn't reach the toilet now. After nearly a half an hour of trying to coax him down and shut the drawer, and trying to shut the drawer ourselves, NOTHING was working. Taysom was hysterical!!! I finally grabbed all the kids, knelt down in the hall and said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help Taysom calm down and understand what we needed him to do. We closed the prayer, I went over to the door and withing 2 min, Taysom calmed down and was able to understand what we needed to do for us to get to him.

Prayer has been a BIG thing in my life. I KNOW that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. The BIG ones and the little ones. A couple of weeks ago Ben and I went to the temple. As we were sitting in the chapel waiting for the session to start I was OVERCOME with emotion as I was recalling the love my Father in Heaven has for me. I was counting the times when my prayers have been answered, especially the times when we went to the temple as we were struggling to have a family.

I am thankful that I know I have a Father in Heaven that wants to hear from me. I just need to be better at remembering that no matter what the trial, or joy, He wants to hear from me.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Special Visitor

A few months ago Ben came home from one of his meetings and told me that we were going to be having a special stake conference in December and that because it had been so long since we had a General Authority visit, we were going to be having on come. So for a month or so we thought about who it might be. When Ben talked to Pres. Gifford he told him to pick his told 3 and it would probably be one of them. Both Ben and I thought our top three are Pres. Uchtdorf, Elder Holland and Elder Bednar. Pres Gifford said that we would be happy!

Two weeks ago in our sacrament meeting they read the letter that informed us that Elder Jeffery R Holland would be attending our meeting. It was so exciting!

As the days got closer, Ben got more and more worried. Worried that he would wear the wrong thing (I had to make sure his pants were mended and his black suit was cleaned just before,) that his hair would be too long on to trendy (I had to cut it at just the right time,) and he even had some pretty funny dreams that he was falling asleep in the meeting and forgetting to go sit on the stand.

Yesterday morning the had a leadership meeting with the Stake Presidencies and Bishops of the 16 stakes in the region. Elder Holland was the person doing the meeting. It was a 4 hour meeting and when Ben came home he was just in tears and filled with the spirit. Elder Holland left ad Apostolic Blessing on them before the meeting ended.

Today was the special Stake conference and it was amazing! I asked my parents to take the youngest two because I wanted to be able to listen and I knew I would just be in the hall with them. Pres. Gifford talked first and talked about staying positive. Then they had a few members of the stake bear their testimonies. These people were not for warned about it. There were 3 youth that bore their testimony and I am so impressed by how well they know and live the gospel. Then Elder Evans wife spoke a little bit about gifts we can give out Savior this Christmas and about not murmuring....something I really need to work on! Elder Evans then spoke about rescuing those members who are struggling to come back.

Elder Holland was the final speaker. He was AMAZING!! He can have you laughing and crying in the same few seconds. He talked to the youth of the stake and how they need to dedicate their lives between the ages of 12-22 to the church and to stay faithful during that time because that is when they will be making the most important decisions of their lives. It was SO SOOOOOO good! He then invited all the children and youth to come shake his had after the meeting because he remembered being 7 years old and shaking the hand of an apostle and it changing him.

After the meeting Isaac and Kayleb were the first ones in line. It was so neat to see them shake the hand of and apostle of the Lord. I hope and pray that they will remember this experience.

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving this year was really quite perfect! I got up and worked out, and then came home to get ready for the day. We were hosting the Larsen family this year! Ben took the boys to play some games at the fitness center and while he was gone Kelsie and I put on Holiday music, decorated, cooked and chatted it up. It was great!

Everyone showed up for lunch and we had a really YUMMY spread! Then this kids played outside and with toys and then made some cute Thanksgiving crafts. After everyone left, our little family went to see the new Disney movie Big Hero 6. It was a great day! I am so thankful for my very many blessings! They have been poured upon me!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

East Canyon

We had the fun, fun, FUN, opportunity to head up to East Canyon Resort with our friends the Wall family! We played lots and LOTS of games, soaked in the hot tub, ate too much yummy food, rode the ATV's, celebrated and early Thanksgiving and went shopping at Park City. It was such a great time! One of the BEST things was that we didn't get cell or internet reception up there so there were no interruptions on family time. We even got a good dose of snow on the day we came home. We loved our little vacation!