Monday, October 13, 2014


Sometimes I get so caught up with everything going on in my life I don't take time to relish in the small things. Today I had my visiting teachers over. I had completely forgotten that they were coming. Taysom was napping and the others were watching a movie. Kelsie had actually fallen asleep too. I was chatting with the sisters and Kelsie woke up, came upstairs and just sat in my lap as I played with her hair. It is very rare for her to sit quietly and let me do anything. It wa a nice little break from hustle and bustle of my life.

Friday, October 3, 2014

General Women's Meeting 2014

I had the AMAZING experience to sing in the choir at the Conference Center for the Sept. 2014 General Women's Meeting. We began practices the middle of August. We met every Sunday evening from 6:00-8:00 at night. The very first practice we had and got the music was so neat! To hear 300 women, young women and girls singing together was such an incredible sound. Every week we had a member of one of the General Auxilery Pres who came to be with us. Each time, they gave a spiritual thought. One of my favorites was Sister Stevens from the General Primary Pres. She got us after we sang the medley, I Know. She was unable to speak. The spirit was do strong. It just so happened that she spoke after seat song during the conference. 

Sister Erin Pike Tall was our conductor. She did an AMAZING job! I have had many choir directors in my day and she was one of the best. She lovingly and encouragingly helped us get better. When we had problems arise, she was so good not to put us down, but rather told us how great it sounded, but showed us the correct way. She was the arranger for the I Know medley snd she told us how she KNEW that we were supposed to sing those songs. She was asked to direct, but hadn't been asked to arrange and she said the spririt kept promoting her that those we're the songs. She said they came to her and asked her to arrange the medley of the two songs that she was thinking about.

On the Saturday before conference we had a dress rehearsal to the Conference Center. It was the neatest thing to sing there. The General Aux Pres were there and they were so encouraging. As we were practicing I wondered how I was going to keep it together. I could barely sing some of the songs because the spirit was so strong.

The next week, Sept. 27th, we had to be at the Conference Center at 1:30. We got checked in, and headed to the choir loft. They checked, checked and re-checked modesty in blouses. We ran through each song and then they let us go back to the theatre for some dinner and to freshen up. At 5:00, we went back up to the choir loft for the conference. It was such a great meeting. All things I needed to hear. The music was amazing. I could literally feel angels surrounding us. The spririt was so strong. 

I am so thankful that I was able to have the experience and that Ben was able to take care of the kids so I could do it. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Rundown....

 Because this summer went to fast.....AND I've been HORRIBLE about blogging. I decided I'd do a little summer rundown.......

Isaac finished 1st grade. He has LOVED his class and his teacher. He is so smart and learned so much. They had a little program at the end of the year and I have to admit I got a little choked up. He is growing up so fast. His friends this year have been DJ and Manasa and his teacher Mrs. Bayless has been AMAZING!

Isaac had his 3rd piano recital and did such a great job! He had both of his pieces memorized and he is quite the pianist.
I dropped a salsa jar on my foot and cut my foot. My toes hurt for literally WEEKS after words. I thought I had cut a nerve. Then one day I thought the scab was coming off so I pulled it and wouldn't you know a piece of glass came out. It was in my toe for 4 weeks!!

The kids's cousin Bridger had his 8th birthday party, so we all went and had a fun time playing in the water. They took some way cute pics too!

Some summer days were long and hard for this mama! So a nice release was to send the kids outside, turn on the hose and squirt them down. They thought I was playing, but really I was getting them back for how naughty they've been. It was a WIN/WIN situation!

Miss Kelsie just LOVES to get into my makeup. One night Ben and I were on a date when we got a phone call from the babysitter asking if I knew how to get lipstick off. Well, this wasn't JUST lipstick, it was lipSTAIN and thanks to some friends we FINALLY got it off and she didn't have to go to church like this!

Isaac has had such a great time with his friend DJ this summer. They have been back and forth houses almost everyday. Funny story, one day they asked what they could do because they were bored. I told then they could do anything except watch TV or play the Wii. DJ turned to Isaac and said, "Ya, because when she was our age she didn't have a Wii OR a TV!" Seriously???!!! I'm not THAT old!

The kids have been BEGGING us for another dog for a little while now, so when the Stone's asked us to watch Rosie for the night they were really excited. I think Kelsie followed her around the ENTIRE time.

We did lots and LOTS of swimming, running through the sprinklers, jumping on the tramp, and slip n'sliding this summer.

We had a couple of movie nights outside with the Stones this year and as always it so much fun!

We had a Stake Carnival this year. The DAY BEFORE the carnival I got a text from on of my friends that is in a band and was playing at the carnival asking me if I would sing with them. I learned 3 songs in 24 hours. It was really fun! The kids had SO much fun at the carnival too. I think they played so hard I didn't see them most of the night. Isaac played so hard he got heat stroke though!! The kids loved the blow-up slides and the face-painting.

We had some CRAZY rainstorms here this summer. It would just DOWNPOUR. Isaac had a birthday party to go to on one of these days. We went to Walmart to pick up a present and while we were there it just started pouring rain. We waited a few minuets, then decided to chance it. This was me after being in the rain literally 20 seconds.

Shayla Stone called one day and said that they were going to host some night games. So at 7:00 that night we all met in the circle behind us as the kids played and played. It was so fun!
We went to our Semi-annual Eclipse concert at the Sandy Amphitheater again this year. Its always a fun time to spend with Ben and a nice night, listening to great music.

The kids all did swimming lessons again this year. They are all getting better and moving up. Isaac has become a really good swimmer and is now in stroke school, where they help him learn all the different ways to swim.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kelsie is 4...

Kelsie had her 4th birthday this past month. When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she told us she wanted a Unicorn and that she knew they were real because she saw it on TV. Ha Ha! well Ben and I told her that she was not going to get a unicorn, so she said that she would settle for a pony. I asked her if My Little Pony would do. She quickly said YES!

Ben took half the day off and we took the kids to the outdoor pool. The kids LOVE to swim. Then we headed to Arctic Circle for dinner, (they have a play place) and then home for ice cream and cake. She wanted a pony cake so my WONDERFUL sister Melissa made her the cutest cake. My parents and Melissa's family came over to celebrate. She got some clothes, My little Pony's and coloring book from us and a new Cinderella dress-up from my parents. She was one happy girl!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Riverdale Resort

2 years ago we went to the Riverdale Resort in Preston, ID and my kids LOVED it. So when the Neihburs asked if we wanted to go back this year the answer was YES! We really had a lot of fun this year. We brought the ATV with us and took many rides, we swam, swam and SWAM, and we LOVED the water slides. They had 2 going this year. One was a speed one...and YES it was a speed slide....more like ULTIMATE WEDGIE slide! I only did that one once. However, on the 2nd day Ben and I made a pact to do the long slide 30 times. We both made it! Its always a fun time camping and its getting funner as the kids get older and I don't have to watch out for them as much. On our way home we stopped of at Aggie Ice Cream to get a treat.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 24th 2014

So we actually didn't celebrate the 24th of July ON the 24th of July. Our kids were pretty ornery that day, and we had been stuck in a car all day searching for a trailer. So we sent the kids to bed early, got a shake from Arctic Circle and went to bed early ourselves.

BUT, on the 25th we went to Summer and Ryan's for a BBQ and fireworks. They seriously do THE BEST fireworks show ever! There are a TON of people there too. This is such a fun summer tradition.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014

We had our annual Cousin Camp at the end of July this year. The first night was at our house and we had a BBQ, played some pioneer games, and watched an outdoor movie.

The next day the theme was Despicable Me. It was at Kurtis and Lindsey's house and we played lots of water games and had a yummy lunch. Lindsey had made some really cute Minion treats too.

The final day, the theme was Frozen. We played all types of games: Make a Snowman, Who's got the button, Toss on the antlers, painting with Ice and then we had a yummy "Frozen" theme lunch.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

4th of July 2014

After a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG drive from Colorado, we wanted to celebrate the 4th with friends, so we called up the Speirs and headed to their house. We have fun swimming, eating some yummy BBQ and doing fireworks. Its hard to believe that all these kids belong to us!

Monday, July 7, 2014


With all the downfalls of not having Ben around as much due to his calling, there are some great perks to his calling. One of the perks happened to be Philmont. Philmont is the Boy Scout Ranch in Cimmaron, NM. We were able to go down with the Stake President, Pres. Gifford and his family for LDS Week.

We started off our journey on Friday, June 27th. We drove 8 hours into Denver, CO that night and stayed in a hotel. Kayleb had been  pretty sick from car sickness that day and he was also running a fever that night. We got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way into New Mexico. Now , when Ben first talked to me about Philmont I wasn't that excited because we stay in army tents. I'm not that big on camping, however when I would read over the material they sent us as we were preparing I had a hard time fighting back tears. I didn't know why then, but I do now. The spirit was touching me and new that this would be something wonderful for me and my family.

As we pulled up to the ranch I was nervous and excited. The first thing we were met with was Sister Wixom, the General Primary President. She shook our hands and told us how excited they were that our family was here. We found a parking spot and had to get signed in. As I mentioned before when I thought about Philmont I was nearly brought to tears, now that I was here it was even harder to fight them back. There was such a special spirit about this place. As were were walking to check in we were met by Pres. Beck, the General Young Mens President and his wife. She gave me a great big hug and again told us how thankful they were that we were there.

We got settled into our "Tent Condo's" and then headed off to our first meal at the dinning hall. The kids were so excited because they could eat as much cereal and drink as much chocolate milk as they could handle.

After dinner we went to the Opening Ceremony. Kayleb still wasn’t feeling well so he up in the stroller instead of Taysom. Then we headed back to shower the kids and get to bed. The bathrooms and showers were AMAZING! So nice and clean.

Sunday  was our first full day there. We got up, ate breakfast, and got ready for church. They had put together a ward and callings were extended for the week. We first dropped the kids off at Primary. They were taught by the General Primary Presidency…isn’t that awesome? Ben and I went to our classes. Relief Society was neat. The lessons was on blessings of the Priesthood and one sister shared a experience. She is deaf and has to read lips. She said that when someone gives her a blessing, she can tell the difference in their lips when they are speaking with the power of the priesthood.  We then met up for Sunday School and then we got the kids and went to Sacrament Meeting. It was a really neat thing to have Sacrament Meeting there. It took about  25 young men and men to do the sacrament because there were so many people there. It was neat.
After Sacrament Meeting we went to lunch and then we headed to the craft center so we could start on costumes for the Children’s Parade on Wed. Everything was going well until I couldn’t find Kelsie. Just then I heard a bunch of people go…”Oh Dear!” I looked, and sure enough Kelsie had gotten herself into trouble. She had decided to dump the Elmer's Glue all over the table and paint with it! Never a dull moment with her around!
The rest of the day was family day and then a fireside at night. Then off to bed for Monday activities
Monday morning we got up, went to breakfast and then the flag-raising ceremony. After that we dropped the kids off to their activities. Kelsie and Taysom in the Small Fry center, Kayleb in the Buckaroo's and Isaac with the Cowpokes. They were able to do crafts, play games, go horesebackriding, hiking and so many other fun things. Ben and Pres Gifford went to their training classes and Liz and I went to our sessions. We first had a meeting with the General Primary Presidency. It was really neat. It was so neat to be in a room FULL of women that are in my exact situation and know how I feel. We went and did a COPE challenge course, where you do all these activities to help you bond. It was fun. Monday night was also Family Home Evening night. Our family sang I'm Trying to be Like Jesus. Then off to bed we went.

Tuesday we woke up, had breakfast, flag ceremony, dropped the kids off for their activities and then headed to our activities. Liz and I made necklaces and then went and did a service project. Then we picked up the kids and went to lunch. After lunch was family time for the rest of the day. We decided to take a small hike to the only known T-Rex fossil footprint. We drove past the buffalo....which my kids think are cows that buff alot! After the hike we went to the trading post and got an ice cream cone. Then we headed to dinner and watch a movie with popcorn. Then off to bed again!

Wednesday we woke up and it was chilly and overcast. We headed to breakfast and stopped to take some pictures because it was flag day and they had lined all the walkways with flags. After breakfast and flag ceremony we dropped off the kids and headed to our classes. I went to a photography class and then I went horseback riding. It was my first time...that I remember. I was a little nervous. My horse name was Scooby-Doo. I though my kids would love that! It started pouring rain while I was riding though, so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked to.

After I got back, had lunch and finished up as few things, it was time for the Buffalo BBQ, Parade and Dance. It was SOOO fun! The kids all did a great job at coming up with costumes for the parade, the food was good...I even tried the Buffalo, and the dancing was so fun. The kids were so wore out, so off we were again to bed.

Thursday was our final day there. We had a closing ceremony, where all the men got a badge and few things. The kids had their last day in classes and played games. I packed up because we were leaving after lunch. Philmont was such a great place! My kids had a BLAST!! and they loved every second of it. It was a great vacation!

We headed out after lunch and drove back into Denver for the night. We had to try 6 different places to stay because everything was booked due to a softball tournament. As you can see my kids were exhausted.

Friday, we got up, ate and headed back home. In between Rock Springs, WY and Evanston WY, our tire decided to almost blow. Of course it was the 4th of July and nothing was open, so we said a little prayer that we would make it home safety. Kelsie prayed that our car would feel better. Even though I though we might die, we ended up safely home.