Friday, December 19, 2014

Prayers ARE answered!

This morning as we were getting ready for school and for the days activites, Taysom went into the bathroom and opened the drawer under the sink....making it so that we could NOT open the door. He also climbed up on the sink to where he couldn't get down. We could NOT open the door, nor could we take the door off because the hinges are on the inside. Taysom started to get really scared and was crying HARD. We tried everything to get the drawer shut.....a wire hanger, knife, a ruler....nothing was making it budge. We then tried to get Taysom to close the drawer. Now he is just 2 and doesn't understand everything we are telling him. He wouldn't get off the counter because he couldn't reach the toilet now. After nearly a half an hour of trying to coax him down and shut the drawer, and trying to shut the drawer ourselves, NOTHING was working. Taysom was hysterical!!! I finally grabbed all the kids, knelt down in the hall and said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help Taysom calm down and understand what we needed him to do. We closed the prayer, I went over to the door and withing 2 min, Taysom calmed down and was able to understand what we needed to do for us to get to him.

Prayer has been a BIG thing in my life. I KNOW that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. The BIG ones and the little ones. A couple of weeks ago Ben and I went to the temple. As we were sitting in the chapel waiting for the session to start I was OVERCOME with emotion as I was recalling the love my Father in Heaven has for me. I was counting the times when my prayers have been answered, especially the times when we went to the temple as we were struggling to have a family.

I am thankful that I know I have a Father in Heaven that wants to hear from me. I just need to be better at remembering that no matter what the trial, or joy, He wants to hear from me.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Special Visitor

A few months ago Ben came home from one of his meetings and told me that we were going to be having a special stake conference in December and that because it had been so long since we had a General Authority visit, we were going to be having on come. So for a month or so we thought about who it might be. When Ben talked to Pres. Gifford he told him to pick his told 3 and it would probably be one of them. Both Ben and I thought our top three are Pres. Uchtdorf, Elder Holland and Elder Bednar. Pres Gifford said that we would be happy!

Two weeks ago in our sacrament meeting they read the letter that informed us that Elder Jeffery R Holland would be attending our meeting. It was so exciting!

As the days got closer, Ben got more and more worried. Worried that he would wear the wrong thing (I had to make sure his pants were mended and his black suit was cleaned just before,) that his hair would be too long on to trendy (I had to cut it at just the right time,) and he even had some pretty funny dreams that he was falling asleep in the meeting and forgetting to go sit on the stand.

Yesterday morning the had a leadership meeting with the Stake Presidencies and Bishops of the 16 stakes in the region. Elder Holland was the person doing the meeting. It was a 4 hour meeting and when Ben came home he was just in tears and filled with the spirit. Elder Holland left ad Apostolic Blessing on them before the meeting ended.

Today was the special Stake conference and it was amazing! I asked my parents to take the youngest two because I wanted to be able to listen and I knew I would just be in the hall with them. Pres. Gifford talked first and talked about staying positive. Then they had a few members of the stake bear their testimonies. These people were not for warned about it. There were 3 youth that bore their testimony and I am so impressed by how well they know and live the gospel. Then Elder Evans wife spoke a little bit about gifts we can give out Savior this Christmas and about not murmuring....something I really need to work on! Elder Evans then spoke about rescuing those members who are struggling to come back.

Elder Holland was the final speaker. He was AMAZING!! He can have you laughing and crying in the same few seconds. He talked to the youth of the stake and how they need to dedicate their lives between the ages of 12-22 to the church and to stay faithful during that time because that is when they will be making the most important decisions of their lives. It was SO SOOOOOO good! He then invited all the children and youth to come shake his had after the meeting because he remembered being 7 years old and shaking the hand of an apostle and it changing him.

After the meeting Isaac and Kayleb were the first ones in line. It was so neat to see them shake the hand of and apostle of the Lord. I hope and pray that they will remember this experience.

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving this year was really quite perfect! I got up and worked out, and then came home to get ready for the day. We were hosting the Larsen family this year! Ben took the boys to play some games at the fitness center and while he was gone Kelsie and I put on Holiday music, decorated, cooked and chatted it up. It was great!

Everyone showed up for lunch and we had a really YUMMY spread! Then this kids played outside and with toys and then made some cute Thanksgiving crafts. After everyone left, our little family went to see the new Disney movie Big Hero 6. It was a great day! I am so thankful for my very many blessings! They have been poured upon me!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

East Canyon

We had the fun, fun, FUN, opportunity to head up to East Canyon Resort with our friends the Wall family! We played lots and LOTS of games, soaked in the hot tub, ate too much yummy food, rode the ATV's, celebrated and early Thanksgiving and went shopping at Park City. It was such a great time! One of the BEST things was that we didn't get cell or internet reception up there so there were no interruptions on family time. We even got a good dose of snow on the day we came home. We loved our little vacation!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Festivities

We had fun going to the corn maze with the Speirs family again this year. It was better weather, we didn't have babies and we didn't get as lost as we did last year! Then we came home for doughnuts and hot chocolate!
The kids have always had fun jumping in the leaves. This year it was Taysom's turn to join in the fun!
It was fun to have 2 kids in the school Halloween parade this year. After the parade I was able to help out in both the boys classes for their Halloween party. It was so much fun!
Halloween night was quite perfect! The weather was warm, and we didn't even get started until around 6:30, which was like most of the neighborhood. I think the last start called for a late night! The kids were troopers an went out trick or treating until about 9:00. They had so much fun! It was Taysoms first year actually doing it and he LOVED it!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Isaac's Baptism

Isaac was baptized on November 1st, 2014. It was such a SPECIAL day for our family. We had to be at the church at 8:15 in the morning so that Isaac and Ben could get in their white clothes. Then we were able to take a few pictures as we waited for everyone to arrive. Isaac is a little shy when it comes to having the attention just on him, so he and Ben just sat on the front row of the chapel and talked while everyone arrived. It was extra special because Isaac's birthmother and her sister came! It was so neat to be able to sit next to her. We had my brother Kurtis sing a song and his primary teachers spoke. Then we went back to the font for the baptism. I was overcome with emotion as I watched my oldest son step into the waters of baptism and make special covenants with our Heavenly Father. The smile on his face was so great!

After the baptism we came back and Ben gave him a BEAUTIFUL blessing as Isaac received the Holy Ghost. It was a special experience to be able to sit next to Anastasia as we supported this little boy who has impacted both of our lives taking this wonderful step in his life.

After the baptism we had family and friends come back to the house for some treats and to celebrate with Isaac. I thought it was so neat for Anastasia to see what amazing family he has. Just before she left she gave me a hug and thanked me for being a great mother to Isaac. It was such a wonderful day!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Isaac is 8!

Where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday that a little baby boy was placed in my arms and now here we are 8 years later!! This was a big and special birthday for our family and especially for Isaac. As soon as October got here he was counting down the days! I can't believe we are already here! Those years have just FLOWN by. As I look at these pictures we took to make his baptism announcement I see how old he is getting and I am thanking my Heavenly Father for the special blessing of raising Isaac. He will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. He is such an amazing young man. He is talented, loving, knows what is right and is an AMAZING brother and helper. I am so blessed to be his mother and to have him in my life.

One things that Isaac was super excited for was that because it was a "Hallmark" birthday, he got to have a party with friends. He decided to have it at the fitness center and to go swimming, eat pizza and play. He also got to have his friend DJ spend the night. I think it was a great birthday for him!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stevens Family Moab Trip 2014

For the second year in a row we decided to go with the Stevens family down to Moab for UEA weekend. We headed out Thursday morning and decided since it was so cold at nights last year, to rent on of the cabins...I have to say..BEST DECISION!!! It was nice not to have to set up a tent and have to worry about all that, it was also SOOOO much quieter at night and my kids slept SOOOO much better! Once be got there the kids wanted to go swimming, so we went while we waited for everyone else to get there. Then we, all 22 of us, went downtown and got some dinner. The next morning we got up and headed to the first of  many MANY hikes. That is one things the kids just love! Hiking and being outdoors! We went to an arch that this just FILLED with sand and the kids LOVED that one! Then we cam home and had hamburger and hot dogs and a campfire. That is my favorite part of camping!

The next day, Saturday, we loaded up our car so we could check out and the then headed out on some more hikes. The favorite of this day was double arch, where the kids could climb up into the arches. We always have so much fun going to Moab with family and the good times we make.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Sometimes I get so caught up with everything going on in my life I don't take time to relish in the small things. Today I had my visiting teachers over. I had completely forgotten that they were coming. Taysom was napping and the others were watching a movie. Kelsie had actually fallen asleep too. I was chatting with the sisters and Kelsie woke up, came upstairs and just sat in my lap as I played with her hair. It is very rare for her to sit quietly and let me do anything. It wa a nice little break from hustle and bustle of my life.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Rundown

September began the start of a new school year. ALL the kids were so SO excited to start. Isaac started 2nd grade a week before everyone else and Kayleb was a little bummed that he had to wait one more week. Kayleb started the Tuesday after Labor Day. I thought I was going to be so good and not cry...I mean seriously, I wasn't even sad. I was more excited for him, but sure enough after they teachers came and got the kids and they went into the school, tears started to flow. I guess I just realize that these kids aren't just mine anymore. That I have to share the with the rest of the world now. They're teachers are so lucky to have them because they are such GREAT kids!.

Now Miss Kelsie started on the THURSDAY after Labor Day, however in my mind she was supposed to start the same day as Kayleb, so she was all ready on Tuesday and we had taken her picture and everything...only to show up at school and have her teacher still in her pajamas and tell is it didn't start until 2 days later!! But, once she finally did start she was so EXCITED!! We had originally signed her up for 4 days of pre-school BUT Kelsie is a bit of a handful and after 1 week the teacher told me it wasn't going to work. SO she just goes 2 days a week and every other Friday. She loves school though!

At the end of the month we decided to hit up Gardner Village early this year because Lindsey was due to have a baby at the beginning of October. As usual, the kids had SO much fun with all their cousins and it was a great year because EVERY ONE of the grandchildren were there!

We also had a fun time at the Bike-A-Thon for Primary Children's March of Dimes fundraiser. The kids each did 6 laps around the course. They did great!